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How to ensure that Norway does not lose the competition?

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toril nag


The Europower Investor Conference

Mrs. Toril Nag is Senior Partner at Hitech Vision, a leading provider of institutional capital to Europe’s energy industry.

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Nag will speak at the Europower Investor Conference in Oslo the 19th. March.

In this interview, Mrs. Toril Nag gives her view on some of the challenges in order to get a massive and fast increase in renewable energy.

Changing regulatory landscape

- Given the changing regulatory landscape, how can Norway maintain its competitiveness and attract foreign investment in renewables?

- Norway can enhance its competitiveness and attract foreign investments in renewables by fostering a stable regulatory environment, providing financial incentives, and actively engaging with global stakeholders to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable energy development.

- Is it feasible for Norway to become a leading nation in green energy?

- Norway has the potential to emerge as a leading nation in green energy by capitalizing on its abundant natural resources, investing in innovative technologies, and cultivating international collaborations to advance research and implementation of renewable energy. Our access to hydropower provides flexibility by enabling the transition between different energy sources as needed.

Funding from the oil industry

- To what extent is the energy transition reliant on funding from the oil industry?

- The energy transition is gradually becoming less dependent on funding from the oil industry as governments, businesses, and investors increasingly recognize the economic and environmental benefits of renewables. Diversifying funding sources and forming strategic partnerships can expedite this shift. The significant reduction in cost per GWh, especially in solar energy, etc., is a strong contributing factor.

The discussions in the boardrooms

- What are the key topics of debate in corporate boardrooms regarding renewable energy?

- Corporate boardrooms are actively debating the integration of renewables into their energy portfolios, focusing on topics such as cost-effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and reputation management. Integration of financial risks related to sustainability in their analyses included.

Increasing the export

- What measures are needed to substantially increase Norway's green energy exports each year?

- To increase Norway's green energy exports, measures should include investing in robust infrastructure, enhancing interconnectivity with neighbouring countries, and actively participating in international agreements and partnerships to expand market reach and demand.


- What strategies can be employed to mitigate land use conflicts in renewable energy investments?

- Mitigating land use conflicts in renewable energy investments requires proactive community engagement, transparent communication, and strategic site selection. Implementing sustainable land use practices, respecting local ecosystems, and addressing concerns collaboratively are key strategies.


- What level of profitability is required to make investments in renewables attractive?

- An attractive level of profitability for renewable energy investments depends on factors like government incentives, technological advancements, and market demand. Striking a balance between profitability and sustainability is crucial for long-term success in the renewables sector. For us, the return requirement for our new energy funds is the same as for our traditional funds.

High expectations for the Europower Investor Conference

- What are your expectations for the conference?

- Expectations for the conference include gaining insights into the latest industry trends, networking with key stakeholders, and exploring opportunities for collaboration and investment. I look forward to engaging discussions on sustainable energy practices and their impact on the global energy landscape.

We look forward to Toril Nag sharing more insights and thoughts at the conference.